A Note About Seeds for Older Versions

The latest version of Minecraft, as of this writing, is 1.10, and 0.14 for Pocket Edition. Seeds for older versions of Minecraft will not work on newer versions. If you're looking for original updated seeds for the latest versions, please check out our sister sites: Epic Minecraft Seeds and Epic Minecraft PE seeds.


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This seed is a very good seed to start off with for 1.6.4. You should spawn in a nice village with a blacksmith hopefully with great loot for starting an episode or just a normal world. At the spawn in the village if you just turn left and go that way there would be a forest. There is also an extreme hills biome and a desert biome by the village too. And also there is nice caves to explore by the village if you are making your home or shelter at the village you could go and get some supplys in there.

– Mia

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