A Note About Seeds for Older Versions

The latest version of Minecraft, as of this writing, is 1.10, and 0.14 for Pocket Edition. Seeds for older versions of Minecraft will not work on newer versions. If you're looking for original updated seeds for the latest versions, please check out our sister sites: Epic Minecraft Seeds and Epic Minecraft PE seeds.


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The most interesting part of the seed is at X:553, Y:69, and Z:1043. There’s a village with a blacksmith and 2 diamonds inside the chest. There’s also a ravine through the middle so villagers will occasionally fall and die. Next is a huge and amazing stronghold at X:668, Y:17, Z:937. It has a few chests and part of the stronghold is flying over a ravine. There are also 2 libraries, a portal room, and many jail cells.
Here are some other places to check out:
Desert Well: X:624, Y:71, Z:1,144
Desert Village: X:1173,Y:64,Z: 1733 (Has blacksmith)
Weird cross in desert: X:500, Y:69,Z:1224
Desert Temple:X:733, Y:72, Z:1372
There’s more desert temples located through the desert, so you can explore them. Overall, this is a great survival seed and has many types of biomes, including a Witch hut on land. Try to find all these places, and enjoy!

– TheGameWolf

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  1. Mizuki

    X= -75.392 Y=80 Z=855.700 Skeleton Dungeon. it is in a mountain you do not have to dig or go underground it is already open. I found it on my way to the village


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