A Note About Seeds for Older Versions

The latest version of Minecraft, as of this writing, is 1.10, and 0.14 for Pocket Edition. Seeds for older versions of Minecraft will not work on newer versions. If you're looking for original updated seeds for the latest versions, please check out our sister sites: Epic Minecraft Seeds and Epic Minecraft PE seeds.


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Starts you off in a massive jungle right near a temple. at Coordinates X:-500
Z:215 There is another one. Go to coordinates X:697
Z:-464 and find a village. Dig down at X:749 Z:-455 and find the end portal room. Right near the village at coordinates X:691 Z:-608 and find a zombie spawner. Dig around the village and find an abandoned mineshaft and diamond. This seed also has three other villages, a mesa biome, and an ice spikes

– Waddlestomp1000

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