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Seedname = “smile” You’ll be smilin when you see this pretty cool Jungle Island seed… lots of fun.

Seed name = COMEANDGETMEHEROBRINE Submitted by “littleuni” Description: This seed spawns you near a jungle, a desert, a plain, and an ocean. Just like a pick-your-path spawn! Its great for Survival and if your looking for some flat space to put a big build in Creative.

This seed is “boat” Some cool things about it: There’s a chest with plenty to get you started right under tree where you spawn There’s a lever combination code in the Jungle temple… (combo all 3 down) Lots of open spaces Minecraft Seed = “boat” Let us know what you think….


There is a large crater directly behind the spawn. To the south east of the spwan is a witch hut. (x=356, z=160) Very large stone beach with countless ore deposits and 4 caves.(x=150 y=180) West of spawn. South west a ways from spawn is a desert temple, with iron and gold.(x=235 y=585) From the desert…

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you spawn on an island but if you go fowards from were you spawn and then you swim over to land. then you see to forests and a big hill climb it and go fowards to sea then you find a very beatyfull place for a madjestick castle or just a house you also find…

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