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Today’s seed is “Girls Think Minecraft Is Sexy” Really, they really do… this is how they usually react when they see a guy playing minecraft… Anyway, here are some picks of the “Girls Think Minecraft Is Sexy” seed…

Every Biome Seed

This seed was posted by Reddit user  ParadoxicalManatee! This seed is absolutely amazing! Almost every biome can be found on this seed. The images of this seed are just down-right awesome. Which biome is your favorite? Let us know by commenting below! Minecraft Version: 1.5.2 Seed: -1305698908971537566

This seed was posted on Reddit by user Randomdeath353. This is one awesome seed! An awesome mountain with tons of features and a desert temple! This is a great seed to play on! Minecraft Version: 1.5.2 Seed: -6311428862407378740

  Today’s seed is a mushroom survival islands seed found by DonkeyPuncher1976! This seed features an awesome generated world full of fun things to play around with! Check out his awesome video below! Be sure to subscribe to his channel and let him know you heard about him from! Seed: Netflix

This seed was posted by Reddit user 762x51mm. This seed spawns you right into a village. It’s a pretty awesome start to a nice game of Minecraft. Check it out and let us know what you think! Seed: -1781240938