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I Love You Mom Seed

  Check out this cool Minecraft seed! Reddit user magicwizardbacon posted this one. It features a lake in the middle of a jungle with a rock slide. There is also readily available coal ready for your crafting purposes! There is also a temple! Check it out and let us know what you think! Seed: I…

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Check out this awesome Minecraft Seed! There are a bunch of cliffs and overhangs for you to build on and around. You can really incorporate the terrain into your home if you get creative. Minecraft Seed: -4183872339291456176 Coords: (x:519,z:182) & (x:590,z:82)

Check out this awesome seed found by Reddit user arms-dealer! This seed spawns you on a archipelago of smallish ocean survival islands, with one spectacular monolithic extreme hills island. There are also several dungeons below, with one surface accessible at [-158,53,379] Seed: -1930813962

Rabbit Island Seed

This seed comes from user BoxKite! I found a seed by accident and boy is it a hard one. The shape of the large Island looks like a rabbit running for his life hence the name Rabbit Island. You spawn on the Island in a Pumpkin patch and it is not a small island but…

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Check out “The Best Minecraft Seed!” Seed: 760967791 Here are all of the co-ordinates in chronological order: Desert Pyramid #1: x (170), y (65), z (-469) Stronghold #1: x (298), y (28), z (-631) Desert Pyramid #2: x (778), y (65), z (10) NPC Village #1: x (562), y (65), z (692) Abandoned Mineshaft #1:…

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