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Village Seed

Updated Village Seeds for Minecraft 1.8! Minecraft 1.8 Village Seed: 1926444278 This seed spawns with a few rabbits right in front of your nose, and a village just a few blocks to the east.     Minecraft 1.8 and PE 0.9.5 Village Seed: 1388582293 On minecraft 1.8 and PE 0.9.5, this seed spawns with a village just…

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User Benjameenest posted this Minecraft seed and I have to say the world is INTENSE. This seed has it all! From lava, to cliffs, to floating land, to almost pre-made dungeons. Check out the pics! The seed is: -8388746566455332234

User UniteX from the minecraft forums submitted this seed. This seed generates a really cool world with a few mountains and a bunch of cliffs. There are a few hanging structures so have fun checking out all of that. Minecraft Seed: -5159710382341035546

FranksieB posted this Minecraft Seed over on the Minecraft Forum. It has a ton of great overhangs and a bit of lava. Level looks like a blast and many users are currently playing it right now. Minecraft Seed: 177907495 Coordinates: -100(x), 30(z)

Dead Mau5 Seed

If you use ‘Dead Mau5’ as your seed you will see a world with crazy overhead cliffs. In this area there is also a valley and a large lava lake. You can find an above ground dungeon at (x=-266,z=15). Minecraft Seed: Dead Mau5