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The latest version of Minecraft, as of this writing, is 1.10, and 0.14 for Pocket Edition. Seeds for older versions of Minecraft will not work on newer versions. If you're looking for original updated seeds for the latest versions, please check out our sister sites: Epic Minecraft Seeds and Epic Minecraft PE seeds.

Forest temple

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Right next to your spawn you have a big jungle. That jungle has a lot of caves inside the lakes.

If you go straight from your spawn you will see a really cool mountain. Behind it you have a great cave with a zombie spawner. Also, when you come to the spawner and turn right, you will see the lava lake. If you dig around it, you wil find 6 diamonds insantly.

Behind that cave you will see a desert. Around 100 blocks further you have a village with a blacksmith.

so, i hope thir wil be useful to you and good luck!

– Luka Vodanović (facebook profile)

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