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  1. katie

    I found a pretty good minecraft seed with a mushroom biome and strong hold and temple with DIAMONDS

    the seed is: I don’t care

  2. James

    Great map! I spawned a good bit away on an island with one tree near X: -420 Z: 300. This island has a huge dungeon/abandoned railway underneath.

    Also, found a huge jungle/epic mountains/desert biome near X: 2100 Z: 2100 that has all kinds of trees, sugar cane, cows, and sheep.

  3. Jim

    I spawned away from the mushroom biome (x: -1000, z: -1000) ish, on a small island near -420, -300 that had one tree on it. This island has a large dungeon/abandoned railroad underneath.

    Most of the surrounding area is ocean, but I did find a huge jungle/epic mountains/desert biome near 2000, 2000 ( a whole game-day’s boat ride away) that has sugar cane, cows, and cocoa.

    The coolest thing is a Jungle Temple that is perched right on the edge of a tall mountain cliff right near 2700, 2700… that is the first time I have seen one, let alone one on a cliff.

  4. forrest

    nice place!, render distance must be far though to see it from your spawn point clearly.


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