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Rabbit Island Seed

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Rabbit Island Seed

Rabbit Island Seed

This seed comes from user BoxKite!

I found a seed by accident and boy is it a hard one. The shape of the large Island looks like a rabbit running for his life hence the name Rabbit Island.

You spawn on the Island in a Pumpkin patch and it is not a small island but the bad thing is there are no trees at all on the island, great caves underneath but without trees, you can not light them up. So a challenge indeed to survive. Food is a no no as well, no pigs, cows or chickens so your best meal might just be the one you hate, raw rotten flesh indeed. If only you could eat a sheep as there are many of those around, even brown ones.

You are also in the middle of the ocean and my challenge is for anyone to survive without getting into the water. Nearly impossible I recon. Can’t make a boat, no trees remember!!
Have a go and tell us about it right here.
The seed =  -1040380181 (don’t forget  the minus in front)

Very cool seed!

9 Responses to “Rabbit Island Seed”

    • Saya

      Why would you ever get the xbox edition? I think that even if it does, you shouldnt get to use it just because you play Minecraft on the xbox.

      • ThomasEdison

        That’s kind of mean to say Saya, because minecraft is used for having fun with friends and make new friends. Not for, being a bitch to others for having it on a different sources to play it on. Sorry to do this but it’s a bit to mean what you are doing to any other person. Stop being a minecraft bully.

  1. Joker

    I think you are completely write Thomas Edison there should not be minecraft bulling or any kind of bulling on this website this is a great website and i use it all the time and i would hate for there to be any kind of bulling on this website.

    • Haven

      Actually the pc is better no matter how you split it, simply because it’s further along. More features, more things to do, an endless world, and the ability to use servers and mods. Also, my own personal pet peeve when playing xbox vs. pc, no annoying, disorientating blur when you move. It has everything the xbox has but more and better. No, the console doesn’t matter for the enjoyment of the game, nor should anyone be judged because of it… but the pc is better, no arguing about it.

  2. CoolDood

    Everyone come on now, minecraft is good on any console. i know cuz i have all three, xbox, ipad, and pc

  3. SpiderFighter

    TO: Saya, Thomas Edison, and Joker-
    Saya: Thomas is right.
    Thomas: Don’t say bad words when u defend ppl.
    Joker: Its b-u-l-l-Y-I-n-g. U forgot the ‘y’ three times, and I am not even to get started on other grammaticall errors u + others made.


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