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Rare! Tripe Desert Villages with Desert Temple

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Seed: 3760561006902921841

Minecraft version: 1.8 | World type: Default

As soon as you spawn, you’ll be staring at a desert village. Check it out, but once you’re done, head west and there’s a second village just over the river, still within view!

Pretty cool, but we’ve saved the best for last! This one’s a little further out, but still not too far. Keep heading west, through a Savannah biome and over the river back into another desert. When you get there, you’ll see a third village, bigger than the first two, with a desert temple directly attached to the village!


First village



Second village



First and second villages together



Third village, with attached desert temple at the bottom right!



The desert temple! You have to excavate some sand if you want to see the main entrance, otherwise you can go in the upper level. Chests have gold and iron!

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