Village Seed

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Updated Village Seeds for Minecraft 1.8!

Minecraft 1.8 Village Seed: 1926444278

This seed spawns with a few rabbits right in front of your nose, and a village just a few blocks to the east.

village-4 village-3


Minecraft 1.8 and PE 0.9.5 Village Seed: 1388582293

On minecraft 1.8 and PE 0.9.5, this seed spawns with a village just to the southeast.

village-2 village-1


Older village seed

Seed: -844035049

This seed spawns you inside of a villager’s house. There are chests with armor and other stuff around!

Click to see other village seeds now.

36 Responses to “Village Seed”

  1. samuel

    it spawns me in the jungle and i look every where for the village and i don’t find it what a waste of time

  2. Kimberley

    The seed doesn’t work. I’ve ended up in a snowy forest every time I’ve tried it.

  3. Jake :D

    Maybe pics inside of chest??
    Its really tempting to try this out but I will see….

  4. Reddwarf

    That is an interesting seed. I spawned right in the village, and right beside it, there is a ravine on an abandoned mine. Great for those that want to start exploring immediately.

  5. JoshyG 123

    good seed.
    use it in most of my worlds and I have about 30 of them.

    If you are a survival beginner then use this but this makes life easy even on hardcore so if you rate yourself as a pro then don’t use this.


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