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The latest version of Minecraft, as of this writing, is 1.10, and 0.14 for Pocket Edition. Seeds for older versions of Minecraft will not work on newer versions. If you're looking for original updated seeds for the latest versions, please check out our sister sites: Epic Minecraft Seeds and Epic Minecraft PE seeds.


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I know it sounds weird, but it’s a REALLY good superflat world. There are 2 villages near spawn; both with 2 blacksmiths. In the blacksmiths there are: 2 iron ingots,6 apples, 1 iron horse amour and 1 iron sword(blacksmith 1), 2 iron ingots, 1 iron chestplate and 1 iron pickaxe(blacksmith 2), 2 iron swords, 1 iron pickaxe, 1 bread, 4 obsidian, 1 iron legging, 1 iron helmet and 1 iron horse amour(blacksmith 3), 1 saddle, 2 iron ingots, 6 oak saplings, 1 bread, 2 apples and 5 obsidian(blacksmith 4). I would definitely recommend this seed. Works in 1.7.4.

-CAPTAIN_AWSOME5(I can spell awesome properly)


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